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Come Follow Me - Family Home Evening 

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Imagine Family Home Evening Lessons
that go along with Come Follow Me
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Something For Everyone

Sign up now and receive a Family Home Evening Lesson sent directly to your email each week! These lessons are not only easy to implement but engaging & meaningful.

Lesson includes:

  • A scripture correlated with the Come Follow Me curriculum.

  • Questions that encourage family discussion & engage kids of all ages.

  • A quote from one of our beloved church Leaders. 

  • A list of activities related to lesson.

  • You Tube Videos that relate to the topic.

Worksheets Include:

  • Page 1 is a Lesson Plan (1. Scripture 2. Lesson 3. Activities)

  • Page 2-3  are Activity Worksheets for your family to practice what they have learned. 

  • Page 4 is a Scripture Verse for you to display in your home and view through out the week. 


Your family is sure to learn and grow together in a Spiritually Uplifting way. We can't wait for you to be a part of our FHE123 Family. To sign up today simply click the button below. 

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We were Raised in the Gospel, and have a strong desire to create a firm foundation for our Families. We know that the Church's New approach to teaching a Home Centered, Church Supported Curriculum is INSPIRED.

Learning begins in the Home! 

We hope to Help you teach your family in a way that Ignites a Spirit of Learning, with carefully thought out questions, that develope curiosity, and engagement. You will be given scriptures that lead directly to the topic, as well as quotes from our Beloved Leaders. We know that every family dynamic is different. Our Goal is for you to learn in a way that is unique to you, and your kids. With so many options, and tools to use at FHE123, you can find what fits you and the time you have.

Your family is sure to be strengthened, inspired, and feel the Saviors LOVE through you as you hold regular Family Home Evening. 

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FHE is as easy as 123. We break down the lesson in a quick and easy way that is suitable for families of all ages.

1-Scripture 2-Lesson 3-Activity

When you subscribe you get all three parts of the lesson sent directly to your email each week. You will also get additional printable worksheets for your family to do together, during FHE or through out the week. We think they are so fantastic, you may even want to use these worksheets for your lesson at church on Sunday.


It is so simple!

All you have to do is Check your Email each week!

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